APU-9000-C Series Kiosk Printers

fast receipt printer reliable ticket printer
New C series kiosk printers set the standard for performance and reliability in self-service. That means a better user experience and lower operating costs. And, with a sleek new design, you get more integration flexibility.


C series kiosk printers fit into tight spaces. With an innovative small footprint design, these units provide the flexibility to support shrinking self-service devices, avoiding integration headaches.


C series models achieve blazingly fast print speeds, up to 250 mm/second (almost 10 inches/second). This unsurpassed kiosk printer performance optimizes the user experience by accelerating transaction times.

Reliable Kiosk Printers

C series printers give you built-in reliability. The precision engineering design, incorporating heavy-duty components, is proven through an arduous test regimen. Service life ratings include a minimum of 150 km printing and at least 1 million cuts, for long-life dependability. Extreme temperature support (-20 to 60 degrees C) makes these units ideal for outdoor applications. And an array of operating sensors ensures critical monitoring and performance assurance capability, while an optional looping presenter helps avoid costly paper jams. With proven reliability, the C series kiosk printer avoids painful downtime, minimizes operating and maintenance costs, and delivers a better user experience.
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Product Highlights
  • 2 and 3-inch print width models
  • 250 mm/second print speeds
  • Minimum 150 km total printing
  • Heavy-duty cutter (1 million or more cuts)
  • Extreme temperature support
    (-20 to 60 degrees celcius)
  • Optional looping presenter for added reliability
  • Ideal for ticket printer and receipt printer applications (up to 155 μm thickness)
2-inch APU-9000-C Kiosk Printer, ideal as a receipt printer
  2-inch model
3-inch APU-9000-C Kiosk Printer, ideal as a ticket printer
  3-inch model with looping presenter

APU-9000-C Series Kiosk Printer Specifications

Model APU-9247-C01 APU-9347-C01
Printing Method Thermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line 448 640
Resolution (dots/mm) 8
Paper width (mm) 58/60+- 80/82.55+-
Printing width (mm) 54/56 76/80
Max speed (mm/sec) 250
Paper path Straight
Character matrix (H x W dots) 24 x 24, 24 x 12, 16 x 16, 16 x 8
Character size (H x W mm) 3.0 x 3.0, 3.0 x 1.5, 2.0 x 2.0, 2.0 x 1.0
Character type Optional Font, Downloaded Character, User-defined Character, Extend Graphics Character set, Katakana Character set, JIS 1&2 level Kanji
Barcode UPC-A/E, JAN(EAN)8/13, ITF, CODE39, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128, EAN128, PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, QR Code
Power supply(V) 21.6 to 26.4
Interface Serial(RS-232C), Parallel, USB
Input buffer 2048 bytes
Command ESC/POS™ conformity*1
Cutting Method Slide type
Cutting type Partial cut / Full cut
Service life Pulse activation (pulse) 150 million
Abrasion resistance  (km) 150*2
Life (cuts) 1,000,000
Operating temperature (°C) -20 to 60
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 140.0 x 165.0 x 132.0 *3 *4 140.0 x 165.0 x 132.0 *3 *4
Mass (g) Approx. 1400*4 Approx. 1500*4
*1 ESC/POS: Registered trademark of SEIKO EPSON CORP.
*2 Use recommended thermal papers.
*3 Excluding protrusion.
*4 Without presenter.
Windows® is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation (USA).

Power Connector Conversion Board

Supported AC adapter PW-A2421-W1*
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 35.0 x 55.0 x 16.6**
Cable length (mm) 360
*See Technical Reference Manual for usage parameters.
**Excluding protrusions.
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