Paper Width(s): 2" (58-60 mm)
Print Width: 48
Print Speed: 22 CPS
Chars per Line: 24
Print Resolution: 3mm
Dot Composition: 7 x 166
Paper Path: curved
Paper Thickness: 65 +/-5
Paper Feed Pitch: 3.8
Paper Roll Diameter: 48mm
Interfaces: Parallel, Serial
Dimensions: 70x34x14.4
Weight: 40
Operating Temp: 0 to 50
Operating Voltage: 5.0+/-20%
Peak Current: 3.2 @ Vp=5.0
Reliability: 500,000 characters lines
Controller: IFM001-01B
CPU: PTM01F01 (SMT); PTM01P01 (DIP)
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