About Seiko Instruments

Seiko Instruments headquarters in Chiba, Japan.
Seiko Instruments headquarters in Chiba, Japan.

Corporate Overview

Seiko is one of the most recognized business brands in the world, embodying innovative design and manufacturing excellence for precision technology. As a member of the Seiko Group, Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) builds on this exceptional reputation.

Founded in 1937, SII now has a global presence of 13,000 employees worldwide. SII currently manufactures and markets electronic components, thermal and specialty printers, communication and network technology, scientific instrumentation, an array of consumer electronic products, and more.

Thermal Printer Division

SII Thermal Printer Division is a pioneer in high-performance, high-reliability direct thermal printing solutions. SII has shipped over 50 million units worldwide and is a global market leader in direct thermal print mechanisms.

About Direct Thermal Printing

Direct thermal printers produce images by applying a heating element to specially treated paper. Unlike thermal transfer, dot matrix, and other technologies, no ribbons or toner are required, reducing operating costs. With very few moving parts, direct thermal provides exceptionally high reliability printing.

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