Social Distancing Solutions

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RP-F10 PRINTER: Safety with social distancing while CAPTIVATING customers and differentiating your offerings using barcodes, messaging and advertising

Compact and integrated footprint with maximum visibility.

 Fast and easy implementation.

 Seiko renowned reputation and tech support.

RP-F10 Receipt Printer

Mobile PRINTERS: Safety and mobility to maximize customer service and staff productivity

 Ideal for essential workers in grocery, services, restaurants, logistics and medical.visibility.

 Enhance staff productivity and customer experiences safely.

 Seiko quality, built to last and ultra cost competitive.

Mobile Printers

SLP: Safety, security and productivity for customers and staff for multitude of uses

Food safety and security from the restaurant kitchen to counter to         customer takeout and delivery.

 Labeling applications for the workplace and beyond in manufacturing, warehousing, medical.

 Seiko reliability from the #1 thermal printing company.

Smart Label Printers

Seiko Instruments (SII) , the principal company in the Seiko Holdings Group, was founded in 1937 to manufacture watches, an extension of a family watch assembly and repair operation started in 1881. Over the years, SII has evolved into an engineering and manufacturing giant that has brought precision time-keeping into the electronic age.

The majority of the company’s business comes from the commercialization of proprietary technologies the company originally pioneered for watch manufacturing. The diversification plan began in the late 1960’s. Core competency in electronics was quickly added to those of miniaturization and precision engineering and manufacturing. And the company began to apply its expertise to the development of products in four core areas: Electronic components, consumer/business products, color graphic computer peripherals and factory automation systems.


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