Company-Wide Education

SII headquarters conducts a wide range of environmental programs in three categories: general education, special education and training for internal qualification. We review the programs every year to establish an annual environmental education plan, and request each site to participate in the programs. In FY2008, 119 employees attended the courses held by headquarters, bringing the total number of participants to 2,416. At the completion of the courses, we send out questionnaires to improve the next programs.

In addition to the headquarter programs, each site also conducts unique environmental education programs and enlightening activities.

Education Held at SII Headquarters

General Education

Course Participants
Global environmental issues and SII’s approaches New employees
Environmental protection course for mid-level employees Mid-level staff
Environmental protection course for managers Managers
Environmental protection course for sales persons Salespersons


Special Education

Course Participants
Waste management • Employees who handle chemicals and wastes
• Operators of environmentrelated equipment
• Manufacturing and production engineers
Chemical Control
Energy saving
Eco-friendly Product Product development personnel


Training for Internal Qualification

Course Participants
Internal environmental auditor training Candidates from each business unit
Internal environmental auditor brush up seminar Internal auditors


Environmental Education Case Example

Seiko Instruments (H.K.) Ltd. (SIH) invited lecturers for ISO14001 introductory training. In one and a half day training, the employees listened to lectures covering from global environmental problems through ISO14001 Standard and the Environment Management System. Also, they took part in practical role playing audit.

Lecture/Role playing audit