Internal Environmental Audit

To continuously improve the environmental management system and its performance, an internal audit is carried out with objectivity and independence. Auditors are invited from other sites and the Head Office to enhance the audit effectiveness and create a synergy effect through exchanging information between each site.

In FY2008, the most frequently identified categories for both Japan and overseas sites were “environmental aspects”, ” competence, training and awareness”, “operational control”.

In order to improve the internal audit reliability, we need to develop internal auditors. While holding internal auditors training regularly, we also set up the refresh course for internal auditors to raise their competency levels.

In addition, the “SII Environmental Auditor Certification System” was established. The Environmental Management Director certifies auditors who satisfy certain requirements including audit experience. As of March 2009, we have 21 certified auditors and 10 auditors registered at the Center of Environmental Auditors Registration (CEAR).