Environmental Protection at Our Production Sites and Environmental Risk Management

To protect the environment of our production sites, the SII Group constantly enhances the facility preparedness for emergencies.

Soil Pollution Measurement Result
Because of soil pollution at our closed site in Ichikawa, Chiba, we immediately reported to the authorities and held an explanation meeting with the local residents. SII promoted soil purification actions under the authority’s guidance.

The soil pollution was limited to within the premises, however, we disclosed the information and voluntarily took appropriate soil purification actions based on corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation. The soil purification was completed at the end of March, 2008 and we submitted the report to the authorities.


SII Sites Case Study

The Larkin plant of Instruments Technology (Johor) Sdn.Bhd (INTECH) improved its wastewater treatment.
To enable better and more efficient wastewater treatment, its existing and standby septic tanks were integrated into a mechanical sewage treatment plant that uses an extended aeration system. The upgraded sewage treatment plant is designed to handle an average daily flow rate per capita of 225 litres, which is higher capacity than the existing septic tanks.
Upper side of the plant





Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc. (DSI)’s initiative

17 years have passed since DSI started its operation at the Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone. Along with regional development, we strive to conduct our business as a company in harmony with the environment.Challenge for Oil Pan EliminationDSI owns more than 600 camshaft automatic lathes to process watch parts and ABS components for automobiles. Since machining oil scatters when processing parts, oil pans are commonly placed under the machines. So, we decided to remove oil pans and not waste a drop of oil.Automated lathe without an oil pan
We took a wide variety of measures including overhauling machines, repairing leakages, improving operational methods and raising employees’ awareness. As a result, machining oil scattering and leakage was prevented, and oil pan elimination was achieved.
This also leads to a reduction in machining oil consumption and effective work space usage. We will continue this effort to save our energy and resources.


Li Zongzheng, Environmental Facilities Administration Division

In China, environmental laws and regulations tighten every year. Our voluntary actions are very important, as well as compliance with laws and regulations. We promote a wide range of initiatives, including capital improvement and evaluating the use of energy-saving fluorescent lighting equipment, with due consideration to the environment.
  • To eliminate air conditioners using CFC12 as refrigerant, 44 air conditioners were replaced with new ones. This decreased CO2 emissions by 259 tons-CO2 compared to the previous year.
  • Recycling of cooling water used in vacuum furnaces was started. By improving the cooling water system, water usage was reduced by 5,000 m3 in FY2006.


Remodeled Design of Vacuum Furnace Cooling Water System

Remodeled Design of Vacuum Furnace Cooling Water System