Addressing Global Warming

The SII Group addresses global warming throughout the course of our business, including energy savings in the production process and in offices, as well as providing energy-saving products.

FY2008 Overview

CO2Emissions (Japan Sites): 66,985 tons-CO2
(5,737 tons – CO2 reduction, or -7.9% from FY2007)

CO2 Emissions (Overseas Sites)

CO2Emissions (Overseas Sites): 41,970 tons-CO2
(2,040 tons – CO2 reduction, or -4.6% from FY2007)


  • Domestic bases (Japan)
    • MSI: Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
  • Overseas bases
    • SIH: Seiko Instruments (H.K.) Ltd.
      GSW: Guangzhou SII Watch Co., Ltd.
      INTECH: Instruments Technology (Johor) Sdn.Bhd
      DSI: Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc.
      GSI: Guangzhou Seiko Instruments Ltd.
      SIS: Seiko Instruments Singapore Pte. Ltd.
      SIT: Seiko Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.


Our Concepts and Current Status

In FY2008, SII Group’s Japan and overseas sites achieved the target goal for CO2 emissions from energy consumption. This achievement is mainly attributed to operation of renewed large environmental equipment at Japan sites as well as strict operational management and overall production decrease in the second half at both Japan sites and overseas sites. In particular, the impact of the renewed equipment was prominent at Japan sites. Our initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions include the following:

  • Operation of renewed energy-saving equipment High-efficient freezer, inverter (ventilation fan, compressor)
  • Appropriate operation management of existing equipment Outside air cooling in intermediate periods, outside air reduction in summer and winter, proper management of room temperature and humidity
  • Streamlining of production processes, shortening of operation time due to production decrease
  • Transfer to high-efficient lighting equipment, saving electricity of lighting and office equipment

In addition to existing activities, we strive to achieve further reduction by improving operation management of renewed equipment and raising the efficiency of operating time.

Other Substances Causing Global Warming

SII uses PFC and SF6, which cause global warming, mainly in the semiconductor manufacturing process. In FY2008, we discussed the introduction of hazardous chemical substance abatenment system facility* and decided its basic specifications (type, size and schedule). Currently, we have been promoting preparation to start its operation within FY2009.

* This equipment introduction was chosen as the “Development project of CFC Substitutes (HFC, PFC and SF6) emission reduction equipment” in the FY2009 Global Warming Prevention Technology Program by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

SII Sites Case Study

  • Variable speed drive unitSeiko Instruments (Thailand) Ltd. (SIT) installed VSD (variable speed drive unit) to two cooling water pumps. The VSD keeps the pump motors at appropriate speed and reduce energy loss. It reduced electric power consumption of cooling water pumps almost by half.
  • Akita Unit (Daisen, Akita) aims to control energy more precisely and appropriately by paying attention to daily operation management as well as renewing equipment. In FY2008, Akita Unit’s thorough energy management included shortening compressors’ unload time, extending outside air cooling operation, changing the temperature of production area and deionized water warming.