Seiko Instruments Introduces Small, Low-Cost Thermal Printer for Entry-Level Kiosks

Torrance, CA, May 14, 2008 – Seiko Instruments USA Inc. (SIU), a globally recognized leader in thermal printer technology, today introduced a new small form-factor, low-cost 2-inch kiosk printer. The cleverly designed APU-G247 packs many of the features commonly found on larger kiosk printers, and frees valuable mechanical design real estate, making it ideal for entry-level and mid-range self-service applications.

The APU-G247 kiosk printer supports 2-inch wide thermal printer paper and has a front-loading design that takes advantage of the Seiko Instruments EZOP™ clamshell-style paper replacement technology. The EZOP design allows users to quickly replace the paper roll with a simple drop-in process.

“The APU-G247 kiosk printer is a prime example of Seiko Instruments emphasis on smart engineering,” said Kaz Onishi, Vice President and General Manager, Seiko Instruments USA. “This innovative design fills a critical niche in the fast growing self-service market.”

At 5.8 inches high, and 3.8 inches wide and deep, the APU-G247 is small enough to satisfy the most demanding self-service integration criteria. The 24-volt thermal printer offers serial and USB connectivity and can print receipts, tickets, and labels at up to 5.9 inches per second. The highly reliable print head and cutter are rated for 100 million pulses, over 100 kilometers of printed output, and more than 1 million cuts. Pricing for the APU-G247 will begin at $226 per unit.

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