Seiko Instruments USA Partner Deal Registration

We are pleased to announce our new and improved Seiko Deal Registration Program. In this program, qualified opportunities will receive registered support and advantaged pricing protection of up to 10%, plus big deal qualified to stack. Please complete the form below, and a Seiko Channel Manager will follow up with you shortly.  

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  • Deal Registration is only valid for Qualified Opportunities of 25 units or more.
  • SII will provide up to a 10% Deal Registration Protection for approved requests.
    • Pricing can also be combined with significant deal discounts, rebates, and spiff promotions.
  • Partner must describe engagement with and knowledge of client and opportunity in the Opportunity Notes Section on the form.
    • Incomplete information could delay approval.
  • The deal Registration Form must be approved by SIIs Channel Director.
    • Generally, this will be within 24 to 48 Hours from submission receipt.
  • Registered Deal lasts for 180 days from the submission date.
    • Confirmed opening orders of stated rollout quantities will automatically hold registration for 1-Year.
    • Continued order history will keep Reg flag in place YoY.
  • With no orders, extensions will be reviewed by request with proof of activity and specifics behind the delay.
  • Only one Partner will be allowed to Register a specific Deal/Opportunity with a specific contact at a specific location. First come, first serve. Unless Partner Driven.
  • SII cannot guarantee that another reseller will not also bid on the opportunity, but SII will only provide Reg Pricing to the reseller who registered the Deal.
  • SII will under NO circumstances take direct orders from customers registered to a partner.
  • SII will participate in additional calls or physical meetings with the end user when requested.
  • This practice will solidify long-term deal protection.
  • Deal Registrant also cannot pitch an SII competitor to the registered Deal.
  • Deal Registrant will receive the best price from SII.