Seiko Instruments USA

Reseller Support Program


Thrive together with us at Seiko Instruments, USA (SII). We’ve been around since 1881, watchmaking, manufacturing, innovating, delivering, and driving value. Let’s drive your business solutions to its maximum potential with Seiko’s trusted global brand, unsurpassed engineering and quality. Together we can differentiate and deliver better business outcomes to your customers.

As a solutions provider and reseller in the Seiko Premier Reseller Partner program, you can take advantage of tools, resources and our support system to differentiate your unique value to your customers and the marketplace. Your customers will see the unique partnership and value you bring together with Seiko’s globally recognized brand and quality reputation.

  • Collaboration: Seiko Premier Partners can take advantage of our expertise, resources and relationships to assist you in creating and selling the best possible solutions for your customers.
  • Hardware Support: Seiko provides its partners access to hardware for successful and rapid testing as well as your ongoing sales efforts.
  • Go to Market Support: You want to talk to someone live right away when you have a customer on the line or an important sales or marketing need. SII staff are available to assist right away. You also have access to tools and resources designed to help you reach out to your customers and drive differentiation.
  • Design/Deal Registration and Sales Support: Providing special win pricing, demo kits and more for registering sales opportunities you participate in. SII sales teams will also engage as you see fit to help strategize and execute winning sales plans.
  • In-Depth Training and Certification: Giving both technical and customer facing teams the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate the customer buying process, differentiate and delight your customers.
  • Technical Support: With a customer on the line you want to talk to someone immediately. SII staff are available and have rapid access to our senior engineering staff in Japan. We are dedicated to your success and are ready to address any issues you may have so you can respond to your customers right away.
  • Special Promotions: Customized promotions targeted at your unique customer base, industry and unique opportunities to help you drive more business.
  • Incentive Programs: Targeting what motivates your sales and customer facing teams to drive more business and sales satisfaction.
  • Increased Visibility: Promoting your applications with the Seiko brand and our ecosystem partners. Such as tradeshows, associations, whitepapers, websites and webinars.

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