Kiosk Print Mechanisms and Components

Kiosk Sub-Assemblies Designed:
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Self-check out, self-service needs continue to grow in this world of automation. Complimenting our global leadership in thermal printing mechanisms and printers, Seiko has forged a strategic partnership with Nippon Primex to offer cutting-edge solutions for thermal Kiosk and Ticket Printer requirements in a multitude of industries.  With rising labor costs driving a surge in kiosk and self-service demand, this collaboration brings together two leading printing companies to deliver dependable solutions for a range of environments such as hospitality, gas stations, food service, parking, ticketing, ATMs and various kiosk setups.  The partnership ensures top-tier reliability and performance, meeting the diverse needs of these industries.  We offer a full range of Kiosk printers with necessary components and accessories such as presenters, bezels, paper holders.
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Kiosk Printers & Components

Kiosk terminals require printers that offer seamless integration and utmost reliability.  The proliferation of kiosks across Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Entertainment and Gaming, Education and Government Services underscores the need for printers meticulously designed for space efficiency, voltage compatibility and user- friendly operation.

Our priority lies in delivering impeccably designed printers tailored to these demanding specifications.  We prioritize reliability, ensuring top-notch products complemented by unparalleled technical and product support, all aimed at enhancing our customer’s overall experience.

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Versatile and super compact Kiosk printer in 2” and 3” face mount module

  • 10 different paper positions
  • Low price and super compact
  • Roll paper can be set at both the left and right
  • Printer position can be selected from either upright
  • Low voltage operation (DC12V)
  • Optional LED bezel

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Small 2” and 3” Kiosk Printers

  • Super compact
  • Low price
  • Paper jam free
  • Optional paper near end sensor
  • 2D barcode support

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