CAP9000 Series

Outdoor printing applications demand rugged technology for unforgiving environments. The innovative CAP9000 series answer this challenge with best-in-class, durable, high-performance, compact designs, supporting 2-3″ print widths. These dynamic 24-volt mechanisms are ideal for self service applications including kiosks and ATMs where space is at a premium and reliability is a must. Curved and straight paper path options provide added design flexibility. And, they can accommodate very large paper rolls and a range of paper thicknesses, from receipts to tickets.

Product Highlights

  • High speed printing (up to 250 mm/sec)
  • Rugged design (min. 150 km print life)
  • Small footprint
  • Extreme temperature support (-20° to 60°C)
  • Ideal for self service applications
2″ model
3" model
CAP9000 Series Technical Specifications
PrintingMethodThermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line448640
Resolution (dots/mm)8
Paper width (mm)58+-/ 60+-80+- / 82.55+-
Printing width (mm)54/5676/80
Speed (max mm/sec)250
Paper pathCurved / Straight
SensorsHead temperatureBy thermistor
Out of paper detectionBy photo interrupter
Mark position detectionBy photo interrupter
Platen position detectionBy mechanical switch
Cutter position detectionBy mechanical switch
Power supply (V)Operation voltage (Vdd)4.75 to 5.25
Operation voltage (Vp)21.6 to 26.4
Peak current (A)Head5.9 (26.4V / 128 dots)
CuttingMethodSlide type
Paper thickness (μm)57 to 155*
Cutting typeFull cut / Partial cut (Leave center point)
Operating time (max sec/cycle)2
Cutting pitch (min mm)10
Cut frequency (max cuts/min)30
Service lifePulse activation150 million
Abrasion resistance (km)150*
Auto-cutter (cuts)1 million
Operating temperature (°C)-20 to 60
Dimensions (W x D x H mm)89.5 X 50.0 X 30.0**112.0 X 50.0 X 30.0**