Maximum printing speed: 9.84 inch (250mm) /sec
Heavy-duty: 93.2 miles (150km), 2 million cuts
Easy maintenance: Major parts are replaceable without tools

Technical Specifications
PrintingMethodThermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line576
Resolution203 dpi (8 dpmm)
Paper width3.15 inch (80mm)
Printing width2.83 inch (72mm)
Speed (max/sec)9.84 inch (250mm)
DetectionHead temperatureBy thermistor
Platen positionBy mechanical switch
Out of paperBy photo interrupter
Power supply (V)Operating voltage (Vdd)3.0 to 3.6
Operating voltage (Vp)21.6 to 26.4
Peak current (A)Head16.7 (26.4V / 384 dots)
Service lifePulse activation (pulse)150 million *1
Abrasion resistance93.2 miles (150km) *1
Operating temperature32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Dimensions (WxDxH)5.02 x 3.27 x 1.74 inch (127.6 × 83.0 × 44.1 mm)
(2.20 inch (55.95mm) with auto cutter) *2
MassApprox. 0.88 lbs (400g)
*1 Use recommended thermal papers.
*2 Excluding protrusion.
Auto Cutter Specifications
Thermal printerLTPO4-347
CuttingMethodSlide type
Paper width3.15 inch (80mm)
Paper thickness (μm)60 to 80 *3
Cutting typePartial cut (Leave center point)
Operating time (sec/cycle) max0.4 (24V)
Cutting pitch min0.39 inch (10mm)
Cut frequency (cut/min) max30
Operating voltage (V)Motor21.6 to 26.4
Detector (control switch)3.0 to 5.0
Starting current (A)1.3
Life (Cut)2,000,000 *4
Dimensions (W×D×H)3.76 x 1.54 x 0.64 inch (95.6 × 39.0 × 16.2 mm)
MassApprox. 0.22 lbs (100g)
*3 Use recommended thermal papers.
*4 Depending upon specified conditions.