POS, Mobile, and Kiosk Printers Tackle New Customer Engagement Demands

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Effective customer engagement at the point-of-sale/service can now require a mix of technologies to address emerging customer expectations in retail and hospitality applications. Specifically, mobility and self-service solutions are now important considerations, alongside traditional point-of-sale systems.

By carefully evaluating these options and implementing the right processes and solutions, companies can give consumers more information and accelerate transactions, which enhances buyers’ perceptions of the purchasing experience. This, in turn, strengthens customer loyalty and introduces incremental revenue opportunities, ratcheting up the return on investment for those deploying the technology. It is critical for solution providers to be able to address these evolving needs to help their customers target real business needs, enabling them to stay competitive and not fall behind in an increasingly competitive business climate.

Seiko Instruments currently offers various thermal printers to address these evolving requirements, including advanced point-of-sale receipt printers, mobile printers and kiosk printers.

Qaliber RP-E series receipt printers

Qaliber Receipt Printers

Seiko Instruments’ newly introduced Qaliber RP-E series receipt printers are engineered to achieve a new standard for single station thermal receipt printers. These models offer industry-leading performance in the smallest available footprint, with an innovative cube form factor, designed to simplify integration and improve reliability.

At up to 1.15 feet per second print speed, Qaliber RP-E series printers accelerate transactions. This industry-leading performance also enables users to add coupons and loyalty program information, helping secure incremental revenue for users.

Real estate at the point-of-sale is at a premium. With the smallest footprint available in a single station peripheral (5.08-inch cube), Qaliber printers free up critical real estate, while still supporting standard-sized POS receipt paper rolls.

Qaliber printers are also available in standard and front-access control configurations, giving users the option to slide a printer under the counter. This provides needed flexibility and helps simplify the integration process.

Minimum service life ratings of 93 miles of printing and 2 million cuts ensure exceptional reliability, ideal for high volume receipt printing applications.


APU-9000 Series Kiosk Printers

APU-9000 series kiosk printers

APU-9000 series kiosk printers are 2″ and 3″ print width direct thermal devices designed to improve reliability and minimize operating costs. Each unit is rated to produce a minimum of 1 million printouts, well beyond the expected volume for real-life applications. Extreme temperature support (-20 to 60 degrees C) makes these units ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, a variety of operating sensors ensures critical monitoring and performance assurance capability, while an optional looping presenter helps avoid costly paper jams. With proven reliability, APU-9000 printers avoid painful downtime, minimize operating and maintenance costs, and deliver a better user experience.

With small footprint design, these units are able to mount into tighter spaces, enabling support for shrinking self-service devices, avoiding integration headaches. These models also operate up to 250 mm/second (approximately 10 inches/second). This kiosk printer performance optimizes the user experience by accelerating transaction times.


DPU-S series mobile printers

DPU-S Series Mobile Printers

The DPU-S series mobile printers are reliable, highly portable direct thermal mobile printers, available in 2″ and 4″ print widths.

Rated for a minimum of 50 km total printing, or approximately 328,000 six-inch printouts, this proven reliability of the DPU-S series ensures long-life performance in demanding mobile printing applications.

These mobile printers are designed for maximum portability and ease of use. With a small footprint, very lightweight models, DPU-S printers provide an exceptional alternative to other heavier, bulkier models. The clamshell-style design also improves usability, with fast and simple drop in a roll replacement. And intuitive LED readouts give clear indications of printer status.

Highly cost-effective, Seiko Instruments’ DPU-S printers provide the ideal mobile printing solution for today’s tight IT budgets. By providing exceptional value for products that perform day in and day out, the DPU-S series printers deliver the right business case for going mobile.


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