LTPD and CAPD Series

New low voltage LTPD and CAPD series thermal printer mechanisms tackle the challenges of designing smaller, faster, more reliable mobile devices. These new mechanisms deliver exceptional value with dramatic advances in design flexibility, reliability and print performance.


LTPD/CAPD series mechanisms free up critical design real estate. The new mechanisms provide a smaller overall form factor, innovative angled paper guide requiring less depth, and a smaller pitch flexible print circuit (FPC) cable.


LTPD/CAPD series mechanisms are fast, rated for up to 100 mm/second print speeds. This gives mobile devices a much needed performance boost.


LTPD/CAPD series mechanisms offer a wide array of form factor choices to provide versatility and flexibility for smoother integration. Options include EZ-OP clamshell-style and auto-loading models, ASIC and interface board solutions, and both horizontal and vertical mechanical orientation designs.

Reliable Priting

LTPD/CAPD series mechanisms offer a minimum of 50 km of total printing and 100 million pulses. CAPD models offer a new built-in auto-cutter design, improving cutter reliability. The result: reliable media output, every time.