RP-D10 Series

Seiko’s  RP-D10 is the new standard for value in receipt printers. Built on the sleek cube design,  RP-D10 delivers exceptional performance, flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use, all at a budget-friendly price.

Free up Needed Space
Real estate at the point-of-sale is at a premium in retail and hospitality applications. Unnecessarily bulky hardware is no longer an option. With an innovative cube design, Seiko receipt printers offer the smallest footprint available (5.08-inch cube), while still supporting standard-sized POS receipt paper rolls.

Get More Flexibility
The RP-D10 series supports front and top-access control capability. With this nimble design, users have the flexibility to tuck a printer away under the counter, helping to simplify integration.

Improve Reliability
RP-D10 series models are rated for at least 62 miles of printing and 1.5 million cuts. Rely on Seiko printers to boost peripheral reliability and immediately increase the return on your IT investment.

Streamlined Integration, Smooth Operation
Seiko printers offer a host of tools to get you up and running quickly. All models include a robust, intuitive, utility software suite to simplify the configuration process. Industry standard ESC/POS commands are supported to facilitate programming and web-based “print-preview” functionality further simplifies receipt design.

Variable print speed settings are supported to meet unique application requirements. Setting options include: high speed, quiet mode (moderate speed), high quality graphics mode (low speed), and variable speed (automatically adjusts to high speed for text, lower speed for graphics).

The anti-jamming cutter design simplifies maintenance by automatically returning the cutter to the “home” position when the paper cover is opened.

Faster Printing for a Better Customer Experience, More Revenue
RP-D10 printers offer almost 8 inches per second print speed (200 mm/second). With exceptional performance value for its class, RP-D10 enables users to add valuable information to receipts, including coupons, loyalty program information, or extended warranty verbiage. Seiko performance means happier customers and incremental revenue opportunities.

Consume Less Paper
Multiple techniques can be employed relatively easily to reduce paper consumption:

  • Convert from 80 mm to 58 mm width paper
  • Reduce the output image by 75%
  • Eliminate unnecessary white space at the top of receipts, using the “backward feed” command