Tried, Tested, True. A Testimonial from Regina Parking Enforcement, Quebec, Canada Printer Application: e-citation, Parking EnforcementApproximate length of time in use: Three yearsAny specific feature that they benefit from most:…

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A complete POS and Payments Solution that is Easy, Secure and Reliable. If your merchants are tired of the status quo and are looking for a complete solution that is…


Felix Payment Solutions

Felix Payment Systems is a turnkey payment solution featuring the durable Seiko MP-B20 mobile printer.  Find out more about their products at: MP-B20 Printer

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Cash Systemes Industrie

Cash Systemes Industrie (France, has recently developed a mobile system to efficiently handle orders while waiting in a queue at a fast food restaurant. In order to issue receipts…

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Keiyo Gas Company

KEIYO Gas Company (Chiba, Japan - The customer used a mobile printer supplied by another company, but had a problem with the high introduction cost. They were looking for…

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